The Silent Small Business Problem

Small businesses are dying too fast to be replaced.

We’re here to change that.

In an era of technology, machine learning, and massive corporations, some titans have grown so much as to have no trouble crowding smaller competitors out. The annual rate of business startups has dropped by ⅓ in the last decade and by half since the 1970s[1,2,3,4]. In fact, for the first time in recorded US history, small businesses are dying faster than they’re being born[1,2,3,4]. This points to a future where a small number of powerful corporations own a majority of the economy — a future devoid of innovation and choice.

How is this happening? Technology and money. With resources that no small business can hope to match, a major corporation can simply buy their way into the consumer’s minds and devote whole divisions to the latest technology. There is simply no way for a small business to keep up. Until now.

Erndo’s groundbreaking AI-powered ecosystem is designed to rejuvenate the small business economy and restore local prosperity by rewarding consumers for supporting their community. And we’re doing more than just “leveling the playing field”—we’re actually giving small businesses a secret weapon.

The Secret Weapon

Customers actually love to support local businesses, but the sophistication and sheer volume of corporate marketing often drowns out our better intentions.

Erndo’s machine learning technology empowers SMBs to link with their local support to automatically achieve customer acquisition, loyalty, and insight. It even turns their own customers into highly incentivized advocates. Simply put, we’ve gamified the process of shopping and supporting local. Small businesses effortlessly achieve huge growth, while customers earn awesome rewards and have a blast doing it. Everybody wins.

Finally small businesses can stay abreast of technology and trends to gain mindshare and increase their customer traffic with an automated ecosystem that incentivizes and activates their secret army. Locals supporting local.

How Does Erndo Work?

Erndo takes all of the guesswork out of the picture. Customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and customer insight are all provided in an entirely automated form via Erndo’s groundbreaking, AI-driven market engagement suite. Business owners can focus on their passions while our machine learning technology learns exactly what to do to automatically grow their business for them.

Erndo’s ever-expanding ecosystem is designed to generate value for everyone involved in supporting local. By keeping money local rather than funneling it out to corporations and online retailers, we can significantly bolster local communities, help them grow, and allow them to focus on what makes them unique.

Erndo In Action

Businesses -

Grow relationships with current customers and develop relationships with new ones who are actively incentivized to explore, discover, and support your specific business.

Erndo’s AI takes relevant data and creates a nearly hands-off technology that puts marketing and customer engagement on easy mode with no need for added staff, training, time commitments, or out of pocket expenses.

Turn customers into influencers automatically.

For consumers -

Stick it to the man by getting rewarded for supporting local.


Easy. Almost anything you do to support local small businesses, from shopping to reviews to telling your friends about the awesome new spot you found, earns you tokens that you can spend at any business in the Erndo network. Businesses will notice your activity and can send customized promotions your way as a “thank you”. Meanwhile, our system automatically rewards you for using your voice to champion those businesses.

How to get rewarded for supporting local

It’s simple really, our AI helps people easily support local businesses that they love. Customers earn rewards in three main ways:

Making Purchases

Buy stuff, earn Tokens, it's that simple

Creating Social Content

Earn more for things you already do on social media, from food shots to selfies and interacting with friends.

Use The App

Explore your community, rate user content, boost businesses, and more via the Erndo app.

We know it works

because we've built it already

Alpha data - We’ve tested our theories to great success in a small town in Southern Oregon. We almost accidentally ended up with over 100 businesses and 500 users and created a functioning economy that actively engages customers and grows the local small business community.

We’re ready to roll - Our growth plan: refine the technology based on feedback and grow to major metro.

What are people saying?


"We plan to use Erndo to expand when our new product comes to market. The data that will be available will be key to strategic growth"

Pete Baumann, President of Probe Golf

"Easy to use, easy to integrate into our business, and staff training takes about 90 seconds. Customers using Erndo are always very happy"

Drew Gibbs, Owner of Alchemy Restaurant and Bar

"Erndo is like a cross between Bitcoin and actual cash. It’s super easy to earn, and I can actually spend it at local businesses!"

Wally Flores, Consumer

"I stumbled across this awesome local business because it was on my Erndo Hot List!"

Erinn Agnes, Consumer

"Erndo is revolutionary… for real! I mean, you earn rewards and get paid for supporting local businesses. How cool is that"

Nathe Suter, Consumer

"We've seen quite a few new customers become regulars as a result of Erndo. Very happy to have Erndo as part of our marketing and looking forward to using Erndo to promote some exciting new aspects to our business soon."

Dustin Way, Owner of Rogue Valley Roasting Co

Get Involved

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