Strong leadership, teamwork, and passionate dedication define the Erndo team. With no funding and driven entirely by vision and will, we have assembled a highly talented team, built a fully functioning app and server-side platform, and deployed it in a small market to beta test the technology and marketing strategy. We constantly adapt and succeed as feedback comes in and obstacles arise. The ability to adapt and pivot whenever and wherever necessary has been and continues to be an absolutely essential element of the Erndo team.

Soon, we are looking to add more visionary team members who are looking to join a pre-funding stage startup that is currently in a small-scale beta test with live users, but plans to expand city by city aggressively to reach nationwide coverage.

Our platform is the realization of a groundbreaking concept that has consumer facing (web & hybrid mobile), business facing (web) and admin facing (web) functionality, built on a cutting edge take on the MEAN stack using TypeScript.

Generally, we are looking for team members who are:

  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • Team-oriented

If you’re looking to learn, teach, and execute in a fast-paced environment and looking for a great opportunity to join a startup that will grow to be known nationwide, contact us today. Check us out on Facebook at, or just search ‘Erndo’ on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Telecommute is perfectly fine and expected.

As we are currently pre-funding, compensation will be in the form of equity until adequate funding is achieved.

Applicants should be passionate, self-motivated, creative, and of an intensely visionary mindset, as these qualities are essential to success for every member of the team in a startup environment, and these are the qualities that define who we are as a team.

Welcome to the Erndo movement. We look forward to hearing from you.