What Is Erndo?

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Erndo is a marketing and customer incentive platform designed to help you attract new customers and motivate loyalty and repeat spending on the part of current customers.

Using an innovative customer incentive system, Erndo is able to substantially increase your customer traffic, regardless of the current size of your business.

We operate strictly on a pay-for-performance model, so we only get paid when we send you actual purchasing customers. This means that there is no risk to signing up and participating, as you don’t pay us a single cent unless we actually increase your sales

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Customers in your area will download the Erndo app onto their smartphone and use the app to browse local businesses and make purchases.

With every purchase a customer makes in the Erndo network, they earn Dough. Get it? And they can spend that Dough anywhere in the Erndo network, but only in the Erndo network - which means that the Dough stays in the Erndo network and results in ongoing repeat spending that comes back your way.

Erndo uses a groundbreaking customer incentive system based on tiered rewards that results in each and every business that joins the Erndo network gaining a continuous stream of both new and repeat customers being sent directly to their specific business for as long as they remain part of the Erndo network.

Why Should I Join Erndo?

Erndo only requires passive participation -- there are no complex programs that you have to micromanage. All you have to do is sign up and we’ll immediately begin incentivizing both new and repeat customers in your area to visit your specific business. It’s truly that easy.

The unique and innovative Hot List feature ensures that there will continuously be a large group of both new and repeat customers who have a direct incentive to make purchases at your specific business.

There are absolutely no flat fees associated with Erndo, which means there is absolutely no risk to joining as you don’t pay a single cent unless we actually increase your sales.

Unlike other loyalty programs which only offer incentives for already-established customers, participation in Erndo will regularly bring in new customers to your business that would never have learned of or visited your business otherwise.


What is Erndo?

Erndo is a marketing and customer incentive platform that utilizes a web and mobile application based loyalty rewards program to continuously drive both new and return customers to your business.

What Makes Erndo Unique?

There are four key things that make Erndo completely unique and superior to the competition:

  • Unlike the hit-and-run customers who are simply coupon-shopping on daily-deals sites such as GroupOn and LivingSocial, joining Erndo results in your business gaining frequently-returning, loyal, and profitable customers who will actually grow your business.
  • Unlike traditional loyalty programs such as FiveStars which only offer incentives for customers you’ve already established, joining Erndo results in your business gaining a massive and continuous stream of new customers who might never have learned of or gained an interest in visiting your business otherwise.
  • Unlike sites such as Yelp, where new or smaller businesses simply can’t compete with the search-result dominance of businesses that have already gained substantial popularity and activity, Erndo’s groundbreaking customer incentive system ensures that new customers will continuously be sent to your business regardless of the popularity of your competition. Your business simply doesn’t have to be concerned with the possibility of your popular and already-established competition cornering the market, as Erndo is specifically designed to disallow this.
  • Unlike other marketing and customer incentive platforms which will require you to pay them significant fees for absolutely no guarantee of return, joining and participating in Erndo is an absolutely risk-free process for your business. You can join absolutely free, there are absolutely no flat fees or subscription fees of any kind, and you don’t pay a single cent unless we actually increase your sales by sending you actual purchasing customers.

How Does Erndo Work?

All you have to is sign-up, sit back, and relax. We literally take care of all the marketing and customer incentives for you. After you’ve joined the Erndo network, customers in your area will access the Erndo app on their smartphone and learn of your business. On a continuous and day-to-day basis, we will be sending customers directly to your business to make purchases and see what you have to offer. For as long as you remain part of the Erndo network, we will be growing your business every day by sending you both new and return customers continuously. The best part of all is that it’s absolutely free to join and completely risk-free for you. With no flat fees, signup costs, or subscription fees of any kind, you don’t pay a single cent unless we actually grow your business. Our top goal is for your business to succeed and to accomplish that without any risk whatsoever to you, so that’s exactly how we operate.

How do I receive payment for transactions through Erndo?

All transactions are made through the Erndo app by the customer. As security is our top priority, Erndo uses Stripe in order to process digital payments. On Monday of the first and third week of every Month, Erndo will transfer a sum total to your payout account that includes the owed funds for all of the purchases customers made at your business during the previous two weeks. For payment methods with longer processing times, transactions made during the previous 2 week time period may not be processed by Monday. These transactions will be added to the following period’s payment. For ease of bookkeeping, you can access your business account on the Erndo website to view and easily keep track of each and every transaction made at your business, and can even see for each transaction when these funds were deposited into your payout account (or when the funds are scheduled to be deposited into your payout account).

Is there a cost associated with Erndo?

There are no flat fees or subscription fees for Erndo. Erndo operates solely on a pay for performance model - we are only paid when we drive customers to your business and they actually make a purchase. We don’t believe your business should pay a single cent unless Erndo actually manages to grow your business, so that’s exactly how we’ve set the payment structure up. You only pay a modest commission when an Erndo customers makes an actual purchase at your business. In addition to paying for the Dough rewards points that customers receive for each transaction, this commission also covers all payment processing fees.

What is Dough and what happens when a customer spends it at my business?

Dough is essentially cash-value rewards points that customers earn by making purchases in the Erndo network. Dough can be spent by a customer at cash-value at any business in the Erndo network, but only at businesses in the Erndo network. If a customer uses Erndo to spend $10.00 in Dough at your business, Erndo will compensate you for the transaction just the same as we would if the customer spent $10.00 in cash. This means that businesses that are compensated equally for every purchase regardless of whether or not a customer carries out a standard transaction or pays with Dough.

Does Erndo require any additional equipment in my store?

Erndo does not require the purchase of any additional equipment for your business. All transactions are handled through the Erndo app on the customer’s mobile phone.

Does using Erndo require any significant training for my staff?

Erndo does not require any significant training for your staff. All that your employees need to do is remember their unique PIN number (which you can create and assign them by logging into your business account on our website) in order to accept transactions from Erndo customers.

How do I keep track of Erndo transactions at my business?

In order to view a complete history for all Erndo transactions, you simply log in to your business account on the Erndo website or app and choose to view the Transaction History for your business. All information associated with every Erndo transaction ever made at your business --including date, time, transaction amount, payment method, customer ID, and employee ID-- is included here.

How do I create an Erndo business account?

A business account can be created by clicking here. This process will ask you to fill in information for your business’s application to join the Erndo network. After this information has been submitted, you will be contacted by an Erndo representative who will facilitate your entry into the Erndo network and answer any specific questions or concerns you may have.