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Earn up to 25% cash-value rewards with every purchase!

Erndo is a community-based rewards program that allows you to shop at your favorite stores and try out new stores while earning cash value Dough rewards equal to 10%-25% of the purchase amount. You earn Dough with every transaction you make using Erndo, and can then spend your Dough at cash-value at any and all businesses in the Erndo network!

Membership is absolutely free with no costs to join and no costs for transactions. Just sign up now and download the app to your phone. you can immediately start shopping and receiving cash value Dough using the Erndo app!

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Erndo is a marketing and customer incentive platform designed to help you attract new customers and gain loyalty and repeat patronage of current customers.

Using an innovative customer incentive system, Erndo is able to substantially increase your customer traffic, regardless of the current size of your business.

We operate strictly on a pay-for-performance model, so Erndo only gets paid when we send you actual purchasing customers. This means that there is no risk to signing up and participating-- you don’t pay us a single cent unless we actually increase your sales.

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Peter Jenson
CEO and Founder
Peter has an extensive professional and graduate-level academic background in a wide variety of disciplines, such as machine learning, bioinformatics, massive data analysis, and business development and administration. As the team leader, he presides as the chief visionary, strategist, and decision-maker for all things Erndo.
Chris Betzing
Chris holds a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and has an extensive background in published academic research. Along with his skills as a scientist and researcher, he also uses his expertise in financial analysis and business strategy to act as a chief partner in strategic development and analysis.
Shawn K.
Web Director
Digital native and University of Oregon degree-holding computer scientist, Shawn has delivered major web projects over the last decade for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He uses his wide array of expertise in data architecture, backend development, and design to act as the Chief Web Officer for Erndo.
Woody Beverley
Director of QA
Since earning his degree in Computer Science, Woody has gained extensive experience over two decades developing and testing both hardware and software for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s. Entrepreneur, software engineer, Certified Scrum Master, digital gypsy, and sometimes professional snowboard bum, Woody brings a wealth of diverse experience to Erndo. His passion for efficient development and testing, problem-solving, and great startups helps him to deliver quality software with a strong attention to detail.
Ben Searcy
Marketing Director
With over a decade of marketing and management experience, and several successful startups under his belt, Ben is always looking for new and effective methods for connecting people and businesses. This has led to work on everything from one-man ventures to marketing projects for international companies. Ben uses his marketing expertise and experience to act as the Marketing Director for Erndo.
Chris Dieringer
Lead Software Engineer
Sadan Mallhi
Software Engineer
Nick Farland
Jeff Jensen
Holly Milligan
Creative Consultant
Holly holds a degree in English and creative writing and has spent her entire professional life seeking to employ both the
Shanda Hurst
Media Director
Larkin Hastings
Community Outreach
David Jamieson
David graduated with honors from Gonzaga University School of Law in 1978, and went on to earn a Master of Laws degree from Exeter University in England in 1985 where he finished first in his class. Having opened his own law practice in 1991, David has decades of experience under his belt from which he derives legal expertise in numerous areas. He currently serves as an Erndo executive for corporate legal matters such as intellectual property and contract law.
Team Player
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